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Get your Mindset Right!

Find your motivation, get inspired and understand a musician's mindset. Download our 2019 suggested reading list here.

For Students

A wide range of courses in Music Theory, History and Music Appreciation that blend the convenience of online learning with interactive guidance from professional instructors. Complete conservatory requirements from the comfort of your own 

For Parents

Studying music requires consistency each day at home. Learning activities and support for students learning online or studying with a private instructor stretch the value of your child's lessons with effective tips and proven tools for home learning. 

For Teachers

Practical guides in pedagogy, teacher training and certification. Studio and business management as well as guidance in marketing and management can be found here. 

Online Music Theory Courses

Understanding the building blocks to music enriches all areas of musical study and enjoyment. Beginning with the basics of notation, rhythm and form, students advance to gain a broad knowledge of Western Music, as well as their composers.

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Student Support

Students and Parents will get the most from their private lessons with ongoing support in their home learning and practice routines.  

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