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We are pleased to share a variety of free resources below to support learning and mindset development. We also offer FREE COURSES for Students, Teachers and Parents through the Main Menu options above

FREE Piano Chord Basics Handout

The saying goes that the Piano may be the most difficult instrument to master, but it certainly is one of the easiest to start! Learn all of the chords you need to play literally THOUSANDS of songs using this free piano chord handout

FREE Music Note Flashcards

This STUDENT resource is perfect for note reading practice WITHOUT the screen time!

FREE Printable Habit Tracker

This free printable download helps both PARENTS and STUDENTS to keep their goals and systems clear and simple.

Those who find success attach to the process instead of the outcome. Tracking your daily practice habits will lead to results and improve motivation and mindset.

Students Starting Strong

Are you a PARENT or STUDENT beginning formal music lessons? This easy to follow introductory course is an important resource for families beginning music lessons, or at the start of a new school year.

Set you or your child up for success in their lessons with proven tools, steps and mindset for musical training.

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