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Music is our passion. At Morin Music Studio our programs are dedicated solely to musical education and all of the joy that it can bring to our lives. We began as a a collective of professional classical musicians offering lessons throughout Calgary, Alberta Canada and have grown to become one of Calgary’s leading musical education centres.

With a thriving community of students and world-class professional instructors we have recognized that there is a need for increased accessibility to formal music education.

We want students to have a flexible option to study music courses from anywhere and on their own schedule, or to learn their instrument at their own pace from the comfort of their home.

Morin Music Online serves as an inclusive platform where music education is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our base level material is all FREE. Students gain access to learning resources and tools to augment their existing studies, Parents gain support for effective home learning, and Teacher can connect and collaborate with fellow professional musicians.

Whether completing a required theory or history course, or connecting directly with a professional musician for guidance and feedback, Morin Music Online strives to make formal music education within reach for all


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