Music Theory & History

Benefit from the flexibility of self-directed online learning without sacrificing the quality of teacher guidance and support. 

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We’ve combined the convenience of online learning while maintaining personal and individual support.

1. Online Learning

Students will learn concepts and work through their weekly lessons through our interactive online platform. Lessons will be paced weekly and can be accessed at any time throughout the week and all exercises and assignments will be clearly outlined. 

2. Regular feedback from your Teacher

We understand the advantage and convenience in a self-directed course. We also know the importance of guidance and ongoing feedback from a qualified instructor to ensure students are staying on track and understanding all of the material.

Each week, assignments are submitted to their teacher for marking and feedback. There is a weekly live tutorial based on the submitted work, which can be viewed live or at any time as a replay.

3. Assessment Examination

Students will participate in a class examination at the end of the course that will be marked and returned along with a certificate of completion.

This examination can serve as the their final assessment before moving onto the next level OR as their final review before completing their Conservatory examination in their region. 

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